28 Jan




Proud of its 340 days of sunshine, Cyprus, known as the “island of love” reveals exceptional landscapes and archaeological treasures that will delight travellers looking for ancient civilizations.

Cyprus, a universe that seems straight out of a dream. An island with Greek influences that has lost nothing of its original beauty.

Between fields of wheat gold colour and the Mediterranean orange trees, you will find all the authenticity of a piece of paradise.

Cyprus is also diversity at all levels: huge lagoons for swimming, long stretches of hot sand for sunbathing, a perfect sea for practising water sports and many footpaths for adventurers.

At the gates of Middle East, the wonderful island is the ideal place to relax under the sun, Cyprus runs up and down with the same enthusiasm, for a change of scenery and revitalizing stay.

Still separated into two parts by the “green line” the country is yet many treasures: varied landscapes, castles and monasteries, sumptuous nature, will make you forget that part of the island is divided into a Turkish north, and some Greek south.

Nicosia, the capital, is right on the line. Its old town surrounded by ramparts offers several interests: The Leventis Municipal Museum, the Byzantine Museum, the Cathedral of St. John and its frescoes, the door of Kyrenia, Selimiye Mosque and the famous hammam Büyük.

The resort of Paphos worth a visit with its beautiful mosaics.

In the south, the region of Troodos will seduce you with its mountains, ancient monasteries (like Greek monasteries orthodoxies Kykko) and its remote villages.

Then discover the Akamas peninsula and its wild nature, the beautiful resort of Polis, the castle of Kolossi at the southern surrounded by citrus groves, the city of Famagusta and its churches, and especially the archaeological site of Salamis where you will go from surprise to surprise.

le rocher d'aphrodite


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