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Corsica villa 20m from the beach

18 Feb

It is very rare to get a villa that is just 20m from the beach in Corsica and yet here is one that has just been asked to go on the site. As well it is not too pricey and I am sure will be very popular with people looking for villas in Corsica with good access to the beach. If you know of any other villas in Corsica or anywhere else come to mind that you think would fit into our luxury villa database then please do let me know.

Villas in Corsica

Villa in Corsica with good access to the beach?!


Special Villa in Thailand

25 Jan

Some of the villas in Thailand lend themselves to complete holiday retreats. This villa is no exception You just don’t seem to get the tranquillity that you get from the Thailand villas elsewhere.

Villa in Thailand

Capture the tranquillity of a villa in Thailand

Beach villas

13 Sep

You have just got to love that view of the sea from this beach villa.  This luxury  villa is in St Tropez where there is a very high concentration of villas of distinction. I personally just think the view is amazing and you  pretty much get that view from all of the rooms in the villa. For these top end villas quite often people like to go out on a site visit prior to booking. This can be arranged with the villa owner in advance only.

St Tropez villas

Villa with a sea view