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9 May


Hawaii is the newest of the 50 U.S. states (August 21, 1959), and is the only U.S. state made up entirely of islands. It occupies most of an archipelago in the central Pacific Ocean, southwest of the continental United States, southeast of Japan, and northeast of Australia. Hawaii’s natural beauty, warm tropical climate, inviting waters and waves, and active volcanoes make it a popular destination for tourists, surfers, biologists, and volcanologists alike. Due to its mid-Pacific location, Hawaii has many North American and Asian influences along with its own vibrant native culture.


You’ll find the culture of Hawaii is very family friendly. The Hawaiian word for “children” is “keiki” and fun for your keiki isn’t hard to find no matter which island you visit.Build sand castles with your kids on one the islands’ beautiful beaches. See their eyes light up as they play with interactive exhibits in Hawaii’s finest museums . Or explore Hawaii’s many National Parks and historic sites and learn about the islands together.


For the couples, there is no more romantic destination: there are many romantic places to explore on the six Islands of Aloha. It’s no wonder why Hawaii is one of the most popular wedding and honeymoon destinations in the world.

Hawaii is world-renowned for its beautiful beaches. The islands have every type of beach imaginable: white, black, green and red sand beaches; romantic bays…Hawaii offers a true paradise… Maui, Lanai and Molokai islands welcome lovers windsurfing, scuba diving and water sports.


Hawaii is also the birthplace for surfing. Big wave season in Hawaii happens roughly between November and February on Hawaii’s north shores. Some of the best surfing competitions in the world are held on Oahu’s North Shore in November and December including the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing (the Super Bowl of surfing). Throughout the year you can watch surfers on every island.


About the gastronomy, modern Hawaiian cuisine is a mixture of different cuisines brought by immigrants to the Hawaiian Islands, including American, Chinese, Philippine, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Portuguese and Polynesian. It tastes great raw or primed fresh fish (tuna, king mackerel) marinated octopus served with soy sauce and seaweed and fruit (passion fruit, macadamia nuts, mangoes, guava, coconut coconut, bananas, pineapples, lychees, avocados, papayas, oranges, etc..)

Idyllic beaches and nature, Hawaiiis is a perfect destination for family, friends or lovers! Go under the sun discovered this paradise on earth…





22 Jan

Marinha Cove


The Algarve is a region in the south of Portugal. The ocean on the south and west borders it, and the sun shines most of the year (an average of 3000 hours of sunshine).

It must be recognized that the coast cut cliffs and long sandy beaches (more than 200 km), offers magnificent views.

Moreover, if we look closer, we see that the Algarve does not necessarily limit its coastline. The hinterland has quieter charms that are worth that you mention. Fig orchards, orange and almond trees extend out of sight, while the Serra de Monchique offers the opportunity to discover a more rustic face of the Algarve with its Roman archaeological site, for example.

Speaking of its geographical diversity and its multiples strengths, there are many things to see in the Algarve.



The beaches of the Algarve are generally beautiful. Sunlit they offer a wide range of entertainment and sporting activities for the energetic visitor.

Many beaches on the south coast have facilities such as canoeing, water skiing, jet skiing, kite surfing, diving, sailing, paragliding, speed-boat rides, hire pedalos or rides tourist boats.

You can also find live jazz concert, workshops sushi or outdoor cinemas.

Surfers and body-boarders most assiduous can compete with the powerful waves of the beaches of the west coast of Amado, Vale Figueiras, Ponta Ruiva and many others.


The essentials

Portimao – The most important fishing port on the coast is also a beautiful tourist center. This is where we find Praia da Rocha beach with amazing rock sculpted by erosion arising from the ocean. The beautiful landscape offered by Praia da Rocha is most representative of the Algarve.


Lagos – The atmosphere young and cosmopolitan is pleasant. Facing the marina, there is a multitude of cafes, terraces and shops. Take a walk through the narrow streets of the old town and discover the houses painted in pastel colors.


Carvoeiro – If you want to stay in a more peaceful place, choose Carvoerio, one of the most beautiful resorts on the coast. Beaches in hidden coves seduce fail. Some are accessible only by steps cut in the rocks. Carvoeiro offers spectacular scenery from the top of its many cliffs.



Albufeira – This is the most popular region of the coast. With its bars and nightclubs, people call her the St Tropez of the Algarve.

Close to Lagos are sites of exceptional beauty for relaxation. Praia Dona Ana and Praia do Camilo are beautiful beaches with turquoise waters nestled under the cliffs and surrounded by towering rocks. Boat trips are available departing from Praia Ana to navigate inside the sea caves.

The Algarve also has thirty golf courses, and some are among the best in Europe. They are suitable for amateurs as well as professionals.


This area is rich in history and beautiful beach is undoubtedly a superb destination to spend your holidays with family or friends.