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21 Jan

Located in the Pacific and consists of two main islands, North Island and South Island, as well as many small islands, New Zealand has a remarkable flora and fauna that despite the distance, make it an exciting and generous destination.

Crossing from south to north the two large islands, you will find all climates, all landscapes, all atmospheres.

In the extreme south, the climate is Norwegian, inland you can go skiing and on the coast, you can enjoy the whales swimming in the fjords. Around Auckland, the climate is almost Mediterranean.



In the far north, you are in a sub-tropical area with hot water and lush vegetation.

Nearly three-quarters of the population of New Zealand is on the North Island with several important cities such as Auckland and Wellington, the capital.

Auckland is the first city of New Zealand: its port, its particular situation in the middle of the water, a beautiful museum with its collection of Maori art, aquarium, charming old town, its beaches and dive sites…

The capital, Wellington, has also a remarkable port. It also has an intense cultural life, among its many festivals, museums and historic district.

The whole North Island is rich in its Maori origin culture, but you can visit especially Pahia and Waitangi (the latter is the first place where the Maori community was installed).



The island of the Great Barrier Reef (about 90 kilometers northeast of the Auckland region) offers its white sand beaches and its surf spots on the East Coast, with its extraordinary panoramas forests, its wildness and its unforgettable serenity.

Also on the North Island, stop in the Coromandel Peninsula to enjoy the unspoiled nature, the birds and the warm thermal waters.

peninsule de Coromandel

North Island has many hot springs. The most famous are in Rotorua and Taupo (central island) Waiwera (north of Auckland).

In the South Island, the region of Otago worth the detour : Queenstown where we practice many summer and winter activities : paragliding, bungee jumping, rafting, snow sports of all kinds …



The Fiordland National Park with its endless possibilities for hiking … and on the peninsula, the wonderful preserved wildlife : penguins, seals and other albatrosses.

Also in the South Island, Lake Tekapo is located in the center of the island. The waters are remarkably clear, and the surrounding hills provide a little more of majesty to the site. Lake Tekapo is well suited for fishing, kayaking, swimming and paragliding (but also skiing in winter). A magical scenery to see a little higher thanks to the many walking trails.



This is a country where the diversity and richness of the world are concentrated.

In brief, visit New Zealand is a little walk around the world.