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18 Feb

Ibiza is a Spanish island in the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea
The main towns of the island are Ibiza, San Antonio and Santa Eulalia.
Every season, you’ll discover a different and unusual Ibiza. Intense light and mild temperatures remain constant throughout the year.

Here are several things to see and do on the island of Ibiza:

Hippy markets

Visiting a hippy market is a compulsory. You will find many items of clothing, silk, leather handmade, costume jewelry…

ibiza marche hippy

The Salines

Tes Salines are undoubtedly one of the most beautiful landscapes of Ibiza. Ponds still produce salt. To go to the beaches of the Salinas, you will cross the salt ponds and can enjoy exceptional landscape. One of the best time to go there is  at sunset.

Ibiza Dalt Vila

Cross cobbled streets to reach the Cathedral Square, enjoy views of Luego and once nightfall, visit the harbor area.

IBIZA Dalt-Vila-

Visit villages

Discover the small villages of white lime. The most interesting are Santa Inés de Corona, San Mateo, San Agustín and especially San Juan. The center of Santa Gertrudis worth a visit.


The small island of Formentera, the Pitiusa Menor is an hour of Ibiza, half an hour if you take the fast boat from Ibiza.
In Formentera, the sea is everywhere, no matter where you are. Its soft sandy beaches are exceptional. If you want to visit the island quickly, the best is to move by motorbike or by car.

IBIZA formentera-940815
Sunsets of Ibiza

The sunsets are impressive throughout the San Antonio and San Jose.
In Sant Antoni, the sunsets are renowned worldwide. This place was called the Sunset and there are many bars with terraces to enjoy.

In San Jose, you can also see very beautiful sunsets in Cala Conta, one of the best beaches of Ibiza, the water is very proper, you will find many restaurants and huts.

Nights in Ibiza are known worldwide. Not only for trendy establishments and discos, but also for the countless activities that can be performed once the night: street markets, terraces, outdoor cultural events, concerts …

The nightlife route starts in the area of ​​the port of Ibiza or in the West End of San Antonio, in walking through the Juan Carlos I and the tourist area of ​​Platja d’en Bossa, to finish in the giant clubs.
In the Island, arriving annually the world’s most famous DJs.
The night never ends in this island. The After hours opening their doors to six in the morning and close in the afternoon, but the party continu in the music bars on the beach.

Endless nights, an unlimited supply of leisure facilities, beautiful beaches, beautiful landscapes … Ibiza has everything you need for a great holiday with friends or family.








31 Jan


Between the Italian peninsula and Greece, the island of Corfu is full of charm thanks to the different civilizations that have occupied it.


The old town of Corfu, remained intact, features a sumptuous blend of European styles. Between balconies overlooking the Italian colonnades French and English cricket ground, there is something for everyone! To the east stands the ruins of the old fort, built in the sixteenth century, which offers great views of the city.


Corfu is a nice little town that has retained traces of the Venetian occupation, particularly in the area of ​​the plaza, near the old citadel, surrounded by picturesque streets and houses with arcades, full of shops, to discover at their own pace and many Byzantine churches and Venetian.


It also includes two citadels, most recently at the beginning of the city, and the oldest at the exit of the city. Both are worth a visit to enjoy the views over the city and the sea, at the foot of the new citadel you will find a typical market of fish and vegetables.


On the east coast of the island of Corfu, is located Kanoni Peninsula, Linked to the mainland by a long dyke, the island hosts a small whitewashed church. From the terrace where there are still the canons, the view is breathtaking…you can see the neighboring islands of Vlaherna and Pondikonissi and their respective monasteries.


On this cosmopolitan island, you can combine good times of relaxation and an active nightlife. The island is endowed with a natural beauty that is Corfu one of the most visited Greek islands.





28 Jan




Proud of its 340 days of sunshine, Cyprus, known as the “island of love” reveals exceptional landscapes and archaeological treasures that will delight travellers looking for ancient civilizations.

Cyprus, a universe that seems straight out of a dream. An island with Greek influences that has lost nothing of its original beauty.

Between fields of wheat gold colour and the Mediterranean orange trees, you will find all the authenticity of a piece of paradise.

Cyprus is also diversity at all levels: huge lagoons for swimming, long stretches of hot sand for sunbathing, a perfect sea for practising water sports and many footpaths for adventurers.

At the gates of Middle East, the wonderful island is the ideal place to relax under the sun, Cyprus runs up and down with the same enthusiasm, for a change of scenery and revitalizing stay.

Still separated into two parts by the “green line” the country is yet many treasures: varied landscapes, castles and monasteries, sumptuous nature, will make you forget that part of the island is divided into a Turkish north, and some Greek south.

Nicosia, the capital, is right on the line. Its old town surrounded by ramparts offers several interests: The Leventis Municipal Museum, the Byzantine Museum, the Cathedral of St. John and its frescoes, the door of Kyrenia, Selimiye Mosque and the famous hammam Büyük.

The resort of Paphos worth a visit with its beautiful mosaics.

In the south, the region of Troodos will seduce you with its mountains, ancient monasteries (like Greek monasteries orthodoxies Kykko) and its remote villages.

Then discover the Akamas peninsula and its wild nature, the beautiful resort of Polis, the castle of Kolossi at the southern surrounded by citrus groves, the city of Famagusta and its churches, and especially the archaeological site of Salamis where you will go from surprise to surprise.

le rocher d'aphrodite


10 Jan



Cradle of civilization after Athens, its history stretches over 28 centuries!

Unique in its kind you can admire the temples and amphitheatres, countless churches, Renaissance palaces, fountains and baroque squares, alleys medieval charm make Rome a place where all styles coexist.

Open-air museum, Rome is one of the largest global capitals culture. It gathers evidence from all major periods in Western art, from ancient Roman baroque through the renaissance. Its historic centre is listed as a World Heritage Site by unesco.

In addition to its rich heritage Rome was able to integrate modernity with its long centuries of history, which is a major destination of Europe after London and Paris.

Dynamic, lively, attractive, whether to go out or educate yourself, there is something for everyone in Rome!

Lover of antiques, art and history, think to taste Roman cuisine in the warm Italian restaurants!

Wine bars are also a great place to taste Italian wines and especially those of Lazio.

You can also go out and attend concerts of classical music, jazz, blues, but also go to the opera.

Because that all roads lead to Rome … some essential…

Fontana di Trevi: it was built in the eighteenth century in the Baroque style. It is inthis fountain was born the tradition of throwing a coin into the water.ROME fontana_di_trevi_rome_italy-

Trastevere: this picturesque district of Rome, famous for its restaurants.

Vatican: This state in the city is home to art treasures concentrated in the St. Peter’s Basilica and the eleven Vatican Museums … and the Swiss Guards still wear uniforms designed by Michelangelo!

Sistine Chapel: Medieval chapel that is part of the Vatican Museums, a rectangular room is inspired by the legendary Temple of Solomon. Many artists have contributed to its splendour, including Perugino, Botticelli and Michelangelo, architect of the vault and the sublime Judgment; it took him 849 days to make it (from 1509 to 1512).Plafond de la Chapelle Sixtine

St. Peter’s Basilica: the largest basilica in the world (193 m long, 120 m high) was designed, built and decorated by the greatest artists at this time, Raphael Carlo Maderno. Its construction took from 1506 to 1626.ROME basilica_san_pietro

Colosseum: The universally recognized symbol of Rome! Built between 72 and 82 AD, it could hold up to 50,000 people attending the gladiators or wild beasts.ROMEColosseum

The Pantheon: A visit both day and night, as its mass is impressive. This spectacular building is essential.ROME Pantheon

Forum: An exceptional site between the Capitol and the Coliseum, the Roman Forum gathers some twelve centuries of Roman culture. The columns of the Temple of Saturn, Arch of Septimius Severus, the Temple of Castor and Pollux and the Temple of Vesta … Fascinating and unforgettable.ROME forum

Rome is definitely one of the great revelations of a trip to Italy to spend an unforgettable stay with family, friends or lovers.


New Luxury villa holiday blog

10 Jul

We have now added a villa holiday blog especially for private villa owners so they can message up deatils of villa deals and any bargains that are to be had on their villa holidays. We can also post up any late villa deals or villa bargains that we see throughout the day. I do hope that you will find this feature usefull in booking that perfect villa holiday.


luxury villa blog

Chill out in a Jamaican villa 🙂